The aftermath of a natural disaster can affect people in different ways. Sometimes we may be exposed to things that are distressing.

The NSW SES has developed a Recovery Guide to assist people recover from floods, storms and tsunami.

The guide is available from both the FloodSafe and StormSafe websites and can be adapted for most disaster situations – and

Additional information can be obtained from the NSW Rural Fire Service and NSW Fire and Rescue - and

Here are a few tips from the guide:

  • Do not go into an effected area until the all clear has been given by emergency services
  • If you can, contact staff to ensure they are okay and are aware of the work situation
  • Keep listening to your local radio station and other media, including social media, for information, updates and advice
  • Follow all instructions given to you by emergency services
  • Update your plan with what you have learned from this disaster
  • Protect your business site from any further damage, theft or vandalism
  • Business wiring which may have been damaged should be checked by a licensed electrician before power is turned back on
  • Make personal contact with your insurance claims manager, the sooner the insurance company is alerted, the quicker the insurance claim can be processed as the company has to alert the insurance assessor
  • Notify other businesses and/or suppliers of any change of address or contact numbers for your business, including the Post Office

Natural disasters can damage property and people, but they can also often help build a sense of community. Talk to other business owners and help each other where possible. Share information.

As part of the recovery from natural disasters, communities and Government are also supported by the non-government sector. Community partners such as the Salvation Army, Adventist Disaster and Relief Agency (ADRA), Anglicare, St Vincent De Paul and the Red Cross provide a range of assistance to support people and communities in time of need.

Disaster Recovery Centres may be established following some disasters. Recovery centres may provide a range of welfare services including financial assistance, personal support, organising temporary accommodation and providing information and referrals. If you have been affected by floods and require assistance contact Disaster Welfare Services on 1800 018 444